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RadioPublic is a Public Benefit Corporation founded by PRX

Did you ever hear an episode and want to see the photo, video, or website the host mentioned? Have you ever tried to remember the name of a book or author mentioned on a show? When you listen to an Enhanced Episode on RadioPublic we provide those links for you right in the app as you listen, or when you go back in your Timeline.

Most apps come with tons of monitoring and tracking software, sending every tap or swipe to 3rd parties you probably didn't agree to and aren't aware of. We have an opt-in approach that protects your privacy. We will not collect your data or app use without your explicit permission.

As you listen, RadioPublic keeps track of what you like and when you want to hear it. Do you prefer hearing This American Life on a Saturday afternoon? Maybe you want shorter episodes during your morning commute. Do you like listening to comedy podcasts while cooking dinner? The more you listen and use RadioPublic the better it gets at figuring out what to play when.

PRX is public radio’s leading distribution platform for shows like This American Life, The Moth Radio Hour, Reveal, 99% Invisible and the Radiotopia podcast network. Together RadioPublic and PRX form a hybrid enterprise, two organizations with a shared mission to bring listeners and producers closer together. The founding team at RadioPublic is led by CEO Jake Shapiro, Chief Product Officer Matt MacDonald, and Chief Architect Chris Rhoden.

Join the BETA waiting listJoin the BETA waiting list